The Right Hire, LLC is a boutique recruiting firm that caters to our clients specific needs. We guarantee that each client is provided with the specific services necessary for their search. We have a client for life philosophy. Our clients recognize the vast value created through a long-term relationship with the proper recruiting partner. This allows us to become an extended resource and expert at recruiting for your company.

What you can expect:

  • Expect that we are more interested in a positive reputation than a reward.
  • Expect that we are more interested in quality over quantity.
  • Expect passion for what we do and pride in how we do it.
  • Expect integrity, consistency and reliability each time we work together.
  • Don’t expect to get countless resumes from our firm.
  • We will only send the select few that we have qualified to be a match for your open position. By the time the candidate is interviewing with you, all you will need to decide is which person is the best personality match for your company.

We are confident in the unparalleled value we can provide and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our services with you directly.

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How does this service benefit you?

You save time and money.

Often, this is the first question Human Resources professionals or business owners will ask; why not hire employees ourselves?

In most cases, hiring is not the primary responsibility of HR or the owner of a company. You have daily responsibilities to attend to, and this usually does not include going through the process of hiring a new employee. We will save you time and money.


  • By incurring the cost of posting your opening on hundreds of secure job sites.
  • By filtering through hundreds of resumes and presenting you with only the select few who match your job requirements.
  • By conducting all the phone screening, reference checking and resume verification so that you don’t have to!
  • Resulting in a small pool of candidates that you will meet to determine who is the best fit for your company.
  • Simplifying the process that takes days, weeks and often months for companies. All we ask for is a couple of hours of your time to conduct interviews. It’s really that simple.

Improving your bottom line.

The key to a great company is great people. The Right Hire understands how crucial it is to make every hire the right hire. We will work directly with the hiring manager to be sure we understand every aspect of the open position. The details of the position are just as important as company culture, technology, products and environment. This Position Profile will allow us to be very specific when conducting our target search for the right candidate.

No hire? No charge.

There is no risk, and high results when you decide to partner with The Right Hire. We charge a one-time fee based on our candidate’s first year annual salary. If the candidate is not hired or does not work out within the guarantee period, then there is no charge.

Have an immediate hiring need?  Contact us today.