Administrative, Clerical, Accounting, Finance, Call Center, Customer Service, Creative and Marketing Recruiters

The Right Hire, LLC

“Make Every Hire The Right Hire”

The Right Hire, LLC is devoted to matching the right person with the right job. We are a team of dedicated, experienced Executive Recruiters who love what we do! We have over 10 years of proven success in our industries of expertise, and are committed to client for life relationships. We work with large companies and small businesses to help them secure the top talent needed for their success. We believe every hire should be The Right Hire, LLC  you can count on us as the vehicle to provide that employee.

We pride ourselves on making sure every hire is the right hire. We are passionate about what we do, and take pride in how we do it. Expect integrity, consistency and reliability each time we work together. There is no risk and high reward when working with us.

Our nationwide network of recruiters and staffing experts are able to provide exceptional results by focusing within their areas of expertise. Our firm focuses on Direct Hire Placement in the following categories:

» Administrative & Clerical
» Accounting & Finance
» Call Center & Customer Service
» Creative & Marketing
» IT
» Building Materials